Presentation Timer
A Presentation Timer Software for a Notebook PC with a Sub-Display.
Ishi-Batake Visualizer
A Solution Hint for Problem C, Matsuyuki’s Birthday Contest 2015.
Meidai Mart
The Simplest Input Data Generator for Programming Contests.
Meiji University Summer Seminar 2016
Summer Seminar MATLAB Sample Programs, Resources (2016). (-2016)
Previous version of this web-site. (-2017)
Website of TCS Gyouten Ramen Club (Its activity has been finished).
Random Number Picker [QP6, QP7, QPM]
Butimiru Button of Zenkaku Server
An Article for KovLang and Butimili Advent Calendar 2017
Mojibake Naosu Men (MNM)
Mojibake Naosu Men converts encodings of uploaded text files to UTF-8.
Photo Albums
Photo Albums of Iiduka Lab.
A Mastodon Instance, Mastodon利用申請書 (記入見本) / 初期設定のお願い